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Summer League Skittles

We are hoping to still run our very successful Summer League Skittles again this year. The season will now start in July (Covid 19 dependent) and finish mid-August. Please get in touch for more details.

Winter League Skittles

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe at home where possible. Myself and the staff have definitely missed seeing the season draw to an end as it should, but due to this very unusual situation it has meant we cannot conclude the season.

The committee and I have discussed various options and suggestions from captains, so thank you for your input, but we have made the decision to declare the League closed and have worked out the fairest way of finalising the league tables.

In short, some teams have played more than others, so we looked at each league individually and decided to take the scores back to the team who had played the least number of league games.

Division 1 – 17 games

Division 2 – 16 games

Division 3 – 16 games

This then gave us the final results. Now in doing this there was little effect on the top 3 places and bottom 2 relegation places, in fact only in the second division did we see that the 3rd place team slipped into mid table, but this team had player 19 games and the 2 teams who were below them had 1 and 2 games in hand. We did see quite a few teams positions in the mid-table move about, but this really was of minor concern.

I did also do a calculation on percentages for each team and the results for top 3 and bottom 2 stayed the same and the mid-table teams did shuffle around, but as per the above, this is not really relevant. The way it was worked out was; the total number of games played x by 15 (which is the total amount of points available)

Then take the total points the team currently has divided by the total points available times by 100 giving you a percentage score. (If you would like to see this document then let me know and I can email it to you) But just to reiterate there was no difference in the top 3 league positions or the bottom 2 relegation positions.

Please see, below, the final league tables for the 2019/2020 season. I will be in touch later in the year to start planning the new league and if teams are no longer wishing to enter the league please do let me know as soon as you can.

Winter League Tables

Division 1 FINAL

Division 2 FINAL

Division 3 FINAL

Cup Results

Knockout Cup

Nomination cup 1402

Medley Cup 2020

Team Codes

TEAM CODES 2019-20 pdf

Winter League Fixtures- 

The season is now finished

Any changes will be updated weekly on a Monday evening.

We are delighted to still be running 3 Divisions comprising of a total of 38 teams. We have got a jam packed season ahead with 13 teams in Division 1 & 2 and 12 teams in Division 3 playing games every evening Monday to Friday. You can download the latest fixtures as well as team codes below. Please contact your captains for team contact details if required.

Fixtures and team codes are available below by clicking the links.