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The 500 Reasons Club

What is 500 Reasons Club

What is 500 Reasons Club?

The 500 Reasons Club is a fundraising concept developed to help raise funds  to help us replace our sports dome and develop a new improved permanent sports hall to benefit local people / groups / communities etc. with people donating a small amount of money on a monthly basis to help achieve this aim.

Our 500 Club plans to do exactly that and it’s a simple, no hassle way of supporting Chippenham Sports Club to make it an even better place for everyone who uses it.

How does it work?

Individuals set up a standing order (minimum amount of £2 per month) and anyone who has donated in this way can put forward ideas / suggestions as to how the money raised can be used to make improvements / additions to the new sports hall. All suggestions / ideas will be reviewed by the Committee in conjunction with the Trustees and once there are enough funds available those agreed will be actioned.

What do I need to do?

1. Set up a monthly standing order using the bank details below. The minimum contribution is ONLY £2 per month and once this is done you will have the opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions as to how any money should be spent. Don’t feel that you have to restrict yourself to £2 per month – larger sums will be greatly received!

Account Name: 

Sort code: 

Account no: 

2. Complete the form outlining your ideas / suggestions. These can either be completed online here, downloaded or a copy can be obtained from the office and then either email it to or hand it in at the club.

Download the form 

3. Then just keep visiting the sports club, enjoying the fabulous space and facilities that we are lucky enough to have and watch as some of your ideas coming to fruition.

Thank you on behalf of Chippenham Sports Club

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